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Sarah's reviews is a collection of 4 book related blogs written by myself (Sarah), but kept separate so that you have the ability to follow only what interests you. 

Sarah's Reviews or "Book Reviews" as it's titled in the above menu is my main focus. My goal is to provide content based reviews that focus primarily on the presence of profanity, sexuality, or violence. My goal is not to tell you whether to like or hate any particular book. That's up to you!

Due to the large number of people that run across my blogs looking for Book Summaries, I have decided to start writing some. Please note that all the book summaries featured on this blog will contain spoilers. For a brief spoiler free take on each book, please refer to my reviews.

Do you want news about upcoming book releases, book trailers, giveaways, interviews, guest posts, cover reveals, what I'm reading and more? Then Sarah's Reading is the place to look.

There is a constant string of popular books turning into films. This is where I post news of this type.

Please understand that none of these blogs are intending to endorse or put down any of the books or films they mention. Simply to provide you (my fellow reader) with valuable information.

More is better, so please add your two cents in the comments area below any of my posts.

I look forward to talking books with you!